Every single garment of CHRIS CAYNE has undergone a journey during which an incredible amount of creativity, craftmanship, passion and attention to detail has been invested. This starts more than 2 years prior to an article being available in store. Our designers and trend spotters travel the world over to all major fashion hubs and shows for inspiration and being on top of the trends, in terms of fabrics, colors, sustainable ways of working etcetera.

The art is to use all this inspiration whilst being true to the DNA of the CHRIS CAYNE brand; stylish yet casual, modern yet very comfortable and always of the highest quality. Our ambition is never to cease to amaze our customers with the beauty and quality they receive compared to the price of our garment. Not only is the way we make our garments responsible and fair, so is our pricing. This consistency leads to an ever-growing base of fans for whom CHRIS CAYNE becomes their favorite men’s wear brand. This is what drives us. Happy customers and making this planet, literally more beautiful.

CHRIS CAYNE colors your day, every day!